A Daily Essential: Australis Ready Set Go Finishing Powder Review

Do you have products that are on your 'must-use' list every day? Even if you're in a rush?

I know I do. Foundation obviously, but sometimes I vary my coverage and go for a lighter tinted moisturiser to give my skin a break.

No matter what though, I find that finishing with a dust of translucent powder is a must for that nice matte look.

I think I've found a gem in the Australis Ready, Set, Go! Finishing Powder in true translucent. It's made up of mostly silica, no talc, so it doesn't have any kind of drying properties on your skin.

Now I do want to quickly sideline here and address the issue of Silica. There have been rumblings in the beauty world about the use of Silica in products and the possibility that breathing in this stuff can have nasty health effects. (This debate was specifically focused around the brand Coastal Scents). I did look in to this at length when this controversy was going on, and from what I have researched the type of Silica that is dangerous is Crystalline Silica, an ingredient not used in cosmetic products. Silica and Hydrated Silica (which means it is blended with water molecules) are used in cosmetics but they are very different to their crystalline counterparts.

From cosmeticsinfo.org -
"The Silica used in cosmetics and personal care products is in the amorphous form. This means that there is no clear order to the arrangement of the atoms, unlike crystalline silica, which has a clear order to the arrangement of the atoms"

Sorry to bore you with scientific facts, but I wouldn't want any confusion or red lights going off when you saw that the main ingredient in this harmless little powder is silica!

Now back to the product at hand, the Australis Ready Set Go finishing powder is super fine too, and it blends into fine lines and acts to slightly smooth them out (hiding pores too!) rather than caking around any blemish like thicker powders can. This is not a super product though, it won't completely hide any indentations or lines on your face, but it does help.

I used to wonder about why someone would use a translucent powder, why not finish with an actual powder compact that has colour pigments?
Well, when you're using a foundation/bronzer/blush or if you're having a go at highlighting and contouring, adding a pigmented finishing powder can be a useless exercise.

And for $12.95 you can use this stuff every day and not worry about it burning a hole in your pocket. By far the best benefits of this powder is the smoothness and softness it gives to your skin. If you run your finger across your skin after application (which I know we probably shouldn't because every tip in the beauty book says not to touch your face too much!) it really feels like satin, and that feeling seems to last, combatting any oily moments during the day. No need to "powder your nose" with this stuff in your lunch break!

The Ready Set Go finishing powder looks like this with its super cute pink and black packaging, because I know you are ALL suckers for packaging (like me):

When I first bought this I was applying it with a brush, but because it is so so fine and soft it just wasn't working so well. Thanks to the twitterverse, Australis suggested I try applying it with a sponge, and I think that truly is the best way to apply it.

I use the base of my manicare precision blending sponge (if you haven't tried one of these, you really should, they are awesome, it's the little purple gadget pictured) which is basically a cheaper copy of the BeautyBlender which you've probably heard raves about online. The only difference I can garner with between the Manicare sponge (RRP $7.95) and the BeautyBlender is the fact that the BeautyBlender is best used wet, and expands when it takes in water. The manicare sponge doesn't do that, and I find it really isn't very efficient when it is damp.
So there you have it, a handy little product to have in your beauty booty. Tell me, have you tried this powder? What about the blending tool from manicare?
If you're looking for Australis stuff and can't find it, give them a buzz on 1300 650 981, for Manicare, call 1800 651 146.



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