Any beauty choices today celebrating the royal wedding?

So the day has come for Kate and Wills.

It's likely we won't hear about much else for the next few days (which is terrible given the tragedy unfolding in the American south).

But if you can't beat them, join them I suppose. So I'm going to quickly jump on the bandwagon and ask you other beauties what you're doing today to celebrate the royal wedding?

I thought I might don some glitter eyeliner to my look today, just for that little bit of extra pizazz. I'm jealous of those nail gurus who own the polishes - "Dating a Royal" by OPI or "Royal" by Ulta3 Speed Dry (both lovely deep blues like Kate's ring). I hope all you girls are whipping those colours out today.

It will be interesting to see what dress Kate wears, I'm guessing something simple, but big. Royal wedding dresses are ALWAYS big. There's also been much debate about her tiara, will she or won't she wear a royal antique? We shall soon find out.

Has anyone else heard she is doing her OWN makeup?! Crazy huh? She could have the best of the best primping and preening her, but apparently she's going down the self application route. Does anyone else think that's a bit strange? Obviously she's not makeup obsessed like some (ahem!) other people! :)

As for other news, my prayers go out to the people in the American south who are suffering after the devastating tornados. I hope we don't all forget that life happens and nature doesn't care about a royal wedding.

Have a good day beauties!



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