Good Things Come in Small Packages: Face of Australia Mini Mousse

Why is it that when things are small, they are just automatically cute? For instance a cucumber sandwich. Slap it together with a couple of pieces of bread at home and it is dead boring... go to an event, where they come chopped in little triangles and served with toothpicks and voila! Cute factor sky rockets.

Ok, so maybe a cucumber sandwich isn't the best example. But how about a little tube of eye colour in a funky colour? I saw these the other day and I have to say, they're pretty adorable.

They're from Aussie brand Face of Australia and they're the Mini Mousse cream eye shadow. The 10ml tubes contain creamy eye shadow that glides on and sets to a powder finish. For anyone who is a fan of cream based shadows, but loves the look of regular powder products, this one is for you.
They come in eight different shades, the pic up top has them all (from left to right) Bronze Briony (1), Magic Mist (2), Midas Touch (3), Electric Feel (4), Violet Delight (5), Pink Maddison (6), Tinkerbell (7) and Snow White (8). I swatched them all for you guys and it wasn't easy to get eight shades on my one little hand!

Colours pictured (from top to bottom) 2, 4, 3, 1, 6, 8, 7 and 3.

By far my favourite was Electric Feel (4), In the tube it looks bright blue, but as you can see in the swatch it is this awesome turquoise. A really beautiful shade. You can also tell from the swatch pic that these go on a little sheerer than the colour you see in the tube, so I'd recommend you test them out in the store first to see which one you like best. Strangely enough I also found that the different colours had slightly different textures in the formulas, some were runnier than others. Of course the runnier the formula the weaker the colour pay off, so keep that in mind when choosing a shade.

Now, the best part about these little babies, besides their cuteness of course, is the price. They're $7.95 at all the usual places but Priceline is running a promo and selling them for $4.48! Yup, not much more than a large coffee will cost you in the morning.
But if you like them, be warned, they are only a limited edition range. They should be on sale for a couple more months yet, but I don't know how long the cheaper price tag will last at Priceline.

Tell me beauties do you like things in mini packages like this?
What about cream eye shadows? Yay or nay?



emmabovary said...

I have the violet and mint green shade, they are adorable but I am yet to try them on my eyes. Great swatches, nice to see the whole range there=)

Melinda Stella said...

They look great, will definitely give them a go.
As for small things, I agree - anything miniature is automatically cute.

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