NOTD Australis Blue Tiger

Isn't this the hottest blue nail polish you have ever seen? I saw it in the store and I just couldn't pass it up. It's called Blue Tiger and it is made by Aussie super brand Australis Cosmetics.

I think it's a fun way to add a pop of colour into your outfit, and I LOVE Australis polishes! I just had to highlight it in a nail of the day (NOTD) post.

The colours are so bright and so opaque, I'm actually preferring them lately to my higher end polishes. Australis says that their polishes have a 'self levelling formula' and I can really see this when I apply them, there are never any streaks and the colour is really intense and long wearing.

Here is what two coats of Blue Tiger looks like, I'm having a bit of an animal themed day today, with my tiger face ring and zebra hoodie!

Please excuse the cheesy Starbucks product placement, but I thought the colour would show up better with the white mug behind it!

Here are some more quick shots of Blue Tiger:

I picked up my Australis polish at K-Mart for only $7.75, but they retail officially for $7.95 and are available at Big W, K-Mart, Priceline and some pharmacies. 
If you have trouble finding them you can always call the Australis stockist number (1300 650 981).

Here are some of the other colours they come in, 
there are a total of 21 shades in the range:
I have the cute pink at the top of the picture (Bombshell), and I've been wearing it on my toes for the past week or so, it makes me happy every time I look at it! (it is pink after all).

I'm coveting the light green colour on the right (called Sweet Pea) but really, most of the shades in this line are totally fab. How cool is Australis lately? It's fast becoming one of my fave brands.   

You can check out the polishes on the Australis website by clicking this link.

Happy Friday beauties!



Angie said...

I'm loving all the stuff Australis has been bringing out lately. I'm dying to try Sweet Pea too. Loving your blog honey!!

BeautyScholar said...

Thanks Angie :)

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